Here you can find the user manual of the service.

  1. Do I have to pay to use the HH Stable website?
    • Only if you want to register the hobby horses and get hobby horse passports for them.
    • For free:
      • You can search and view the hobby horse passports.
      • You can register as a user of the site.
      • After registration, take ownership of the hobby horses and also transfer them to another registered user.
      • You can edit the details of the hobby horses you own.
  2. How can I get the hobby horse passports?
    • By registering as the user of the site, paying an annual fee and ordering a identification chip for each hobby horse to be registered.
  3. Can I get the hobby horse passport for a hobby horse someone else made?
    • Yes you can. You just have to paid the annual fee and order the ID chip.
    • Registration should always be done primarily for the maker own breeder number. If this is not possible, it can alternatively be done using the registration numbers which are starting from the 20-
    • The breeder numbers used by the makers are displayed on our site.
    • If the maker does not yet have a own breeder number, please send us a message. We will find out if the maker is interested in reserving a breeder number for their own use.
    • We always strive to be in touch with the maker and ensure the authenticity of the hobby horse.
  4. Will the hobby horses data and passport be lost when the membership expires?
    • The data will not be lost. The data will only be deleted if that specifically requested.