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Welcome to our website!

Our website is intended for everyone who makes hobby horses, exercises with hobby horses or is otherwise purely interested in hobby horses ๐Ÿ˜Š

Hobby horse is an incredibly fine and unique masterpiece of craftsmanship and a great hobby instrument. A hobby horse is also very dear to both its owner and maker. That is why we want to offer the ability to store their most important information in an electronic Hobby Horse passport.

Our dream is that information about all the worldโ€™s hobby horses would be stored on our website. The hobby horses which are being made and which are already made. And the information would also be easily viewable from the Hobby Horse passports around the world.

The principle of our website is briefly as follows. Every hobby horse which is register on our site will receive their own unique identification chip that is linked just to that Hobby Horse passport. The hobby horse’s information is registered on the website and the identification chip is attached to the hobby horse, inside or possibly outside it.

The identification chip identifies the hobby horse, prevents copying and other misuse, and acts as a direct link to the Hobby Horse passport. In addition, in the identification chip, the link to the Hobby Horse passport always goes along with the horse.

Opening the Hobby Horse passport from an identification chip works on a phone with NFC capability. Alternatively, the passport can also be opened here on our website. The easiest way to open the Hobby Horse passport is from the chip, because from there it automatically opens into the phone’s browser.

A few great additional features have been built to our website. For example, you can transfer ownership of the hobby horse to another registered user when you sell or donate the horse. After the transfer, the new owner is free to edit the information of the hobby horse.

In addition, it is becoming possible to chip and register hobby horses from well-known makers to their breeder number afterwards as well. In this way, the data on hobby horses already made, would also be saved and registered with the right makers.

The Hobby horse search function and the viewing of the Hobby Horse passports are freely available to everyone. You can search for hobby horses with different search criteria and view their Hobby Horse passports by clicking on the registration number.

For more information on how to use the service, see the user guide.

All the Hobby Horse passports that are registered on the website, will work and the information will be kept, even if you no longer pay the annual fee.

Use of the service in brief:

  • Register on our website, pay the service annual fee and order the desired number of the identification chips.
  • You can order as many chips as you need during the membership period.
  • You will usually receive the registration numbers corresponding to the identification chips in your email on the same day after 6 pm Finnish time.
  • As soon as you receive the registration numbers, you can enter the information of the hobby horses in the register, under the Hobby horse registration section. The Hobby horse registration only works for members who have paid the annual fee.
  • Once the information has been provided, the Hobby Horse passport can be opened immediately on the website via the Hobby horse search or My information and horses page, by clicking on the registration number.
  • The Hobby Horse passports can also be opened from the identification chips after the information has been provided. It will take a few days for the chips to arrive by mail to you.
  • Once the chips arrive, you can attach them to your hobby horses or to their equipments.
  • Remember to update the chipโ€™s location to the hobby horse passport.
  • By swiping the phone over the chip, you can open the hobby horse passport to the phone screen. Remember that reading  the passport from the chip requires NFC capability from the phone  and an internet connection.
  • If you sell or donate the hobby horse, you can transfer ownership to another member of the service.
  • During the membership period, you can register as many hobby horses as you want.

If you want to ask something, please contact us at customerservice@hhstable.fi We will help you as soon as possible.

We hope you enjoy our website.

Our website does not sell hobby horses or their equipment.

We just want to offer you the opportunity to get your hobby horse an electronic hobby horse passport, where its details and image will be stored securely.

You can buy high-quality, beautiful, and unbelievably gorgeous handmade hobby horses from our partners:


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