Order and contract terms

Valid from 24.11.2020

The online store is intended for adults and individuals 13 years of age or older with the consent of a guardian and for companies. When shopping for children under the age of 13, the guardian must make a contract on his or her behalf.

We pay special attention to purchases made by minors. We want to ensure that parents have always the primary right to decide on family consumption decisions, without compromising their decision-making power and right to raise their children.


HH Stable is a trademark of Mirove.

These terms and conditions apply to orders placed from HH Stable’s online store at www.hhstable.fi

These subscription and contract terms are without prejudice to the user’s rights under consumer protection law or other mandatory law. You can find out more about consumer rights on the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority’s website, at www.kkv.fi/en/

HH Stable has the right to suspend the online store if necessary, for example to carry out maintenance work.

HH Stable reserves the right to change these terms and conditions for a justified reason by notifying customer by e-mail, in writing or via the online store. The order is subject to the terms and conditions in force at the time of ordering, which the customer must accept before continuing the order.

All text and images on these pages are the property of HH Stable. Unauthorized use or copying of copyrighted images and text is prohibited.


The order and contract terms, together with the order confirmation, form the contract platform for your purchase. By placing an order on the www.hhstable.fi website, you accept these order and contract terms. As a consumer, your position is also protected by the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act (20 January 1978/38). If you shop through a company, the Finnish Trade Act (March 27, 1987/355) will apply.

Mirove is the owner of the online store and the seller of products and services.

Company information

  • Business ID: 3131921-7
  • Address: Huuskonniementie 23, 88610 Vuokatti
  • Contact information: customerservice@hhstable.fi
  • Phone number: +358 44 972 8875



Registering a hobby horses in our service requires a valid membership (“Annual Fee”) and the identification chip which be obtained for each registration hobby horse.

Membership is obtained by paying an annual fee. The annual fee entitles to a membership, which is valid for one year from the moment of payment. Membership-bound features take effect no later than the next business day after the payment. During the membership period, you can register as many hobby horses as you want.

Identification chips

The identification chip is mandatory, because it is an important part of the electronic Hobby Horse passport as well as essential for the identification of hobby horses. The identification chip identifies the hobby horse, prevents copying and other misuse, and acts as a direct link to the Hobby Horse’s passport. In the identification chip the link to the passport is always with the hobby horse.

You can order identification chips from our online store while your membership is valid. You will usually receive the registration numbers corresponding to the identification chips in your email after 6 pm on the same day Finnish time. This will allow you to register your horses as soon as possible.

Chips will usually be mailed to you within two business days of ordering. The identification chips can be read by a smartphone that has an internet connection and NFC capability. All the identification chips are programmed with unique IDs which are linked exactly to the correct Hobby Horse passport.

The coin-like identification chip is waterproof and dust proof. It can be attached to a hobby horse, for example, with a small cloth bag. Its diameter is about 25 millimetre and thickness about 1 millimetre. The ideal reading distance of the chips is 0.2 to 2 centimetre.

The button-like identification chip is waterproof, washable and can be sewn on thanks to its button-like shape. Its diameter is about 24 millimetre and thickness about 2 millimetre. The ideal reading distance of the chips is 0.5 – 2 centimetre.

The hanging identification chip is waterproof and dustproof. It can be hung on the equipment of a hobby horse and at the same time used as a nameplate. Its diameter is about 30 millimetre and thickness about 4 millimetre. The ideal reading distance of the chips is 0.2 to 2 centimetre.

A smartphone with an NFC capability is an integral part of using the service, so please make sure your phone has this feature before ordering. Almost all phones released in the last few years have been equipped with the NFC capability. However, make sure that your phone supports the NFC feature. For a list of NFC-enabled mobile devices: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_NFC-enabled_mobile_devices You can also check your phone’s settings to see if there is an NFC button.

If you need more information about our products, please contact customerservice@hhstable.fi We will be happy to answer your questions. Do not order the product if you are unsure about the suitability of the product for your use.

Hobby Horse passport and security

Anyone can freely opened the Hobby Hobby passport about the identification chip. Anyone can also viewed it freely on the service’s website.

Therefore, by default, only the first name and the stable are displayed in the owner’s data in the Hobby Horse passport. If desired, the user can separately select that the owner’s last name be displayed in the passport when registering the hobby horse.

The maker’s information which are displayed in the passport, are always only the first name and the stable.

Location information is displayed as country.

A metadata for the images that uploaded to the service is automatically deleted.

The location of the chips cannot be traced and in them is no dedicated power supply. The chips take the necessary power from the reading device, i.e. the mobile phone, in the reading operation.

Providing the incorrect or other privacy-infringing information may result in account suspension.


The prices of our products are denominated in euros. The VAT valid in Finland will be added to the final purchase price of orders placed in the territory of the European Union.

Purchases made outside the European Union are tax-free.

HH Stable reserves the right to change prices and delivery costs and reserves the right to stop/cancel the transaction due to a clear pricing error.


The products are ordered on the online store site by transferring them to the shopping cart and paying for the contents of the shopping cart at the checkout service. All customer information is treated confidentially. The contact information requested in connection with the order will not be used for anything other than to the delivery of the order or to clarify any ambiguities in it, unless otherwise stated. When ordering from the online store, you are required to read and commit to the delivery terms in force at the time.


The customer can pay for their purchases in the ways specified in the Online Store. The customer will be charged when ordering.

Payment is made by a third party, Checkout Finland Oy, using the payment methods offered by them. Payment methods and terms can be found on the website:

https://www.checkout.fi/Terms and conditions of The Payment Transfer Service Checkout


After a successful order and payment, confirmation emails will be sent to your email. To send confirmation messages, you must provide an email address when ordering.

The registration numbers of the identification chips will also be sent to the email address which provided with the order.


We deliver the Identification chip and certificates of authenticity orders by mail as unregistered delivery.

Delivery costs will only be added to orders totaling less than 15 euros.


The aim is to deliver the products to Finland and the EU within 2-8 working days and to other countries within 4-12 working days. Delivery time is calculated from the moment the payment appears in our account. We are not responsible for delays caused by force majeure or indirect inconvenience caused by delays. Deviating delivery times are announced on the front page of the online store.


HH Stable complies with the Consumer Protection Act and the Consumer Agency’s e-commerce guidelines. You can visit the terms and conditions at www.kuluttajavirasto.fi

Consumers have a 14-day return and exchange right for products ordered from the online store in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act from the moment of purchasing the product. The time of purchase is considered to be the day when the product is estimated to have arrived at the customer. The returned product must be in substantially the same condition as when received. Money will not be refunded if the customer has broken the product, the refund is incomplete or the product is not in a condition for sale.

You must indicate your name, address, order date, product in the cancellation notice and it must be sent by e-mail to customerservice@hhstable.fi or by post to the return address below. Attach a copy of the cancellation notice to your product return.

When returning the delivered product, include your name and contact information for a refund. We will refund the full amount you paid within 14 days of receiving the cancellation notice if the product has been returned or has been proven to have been mailed to the return address. Payment will be refunded to the payment method used in the order. Return costs are the responsibility of the customer.

Return address:

Mirove / HH Stable

Huuskonniementie 23

88610 Vuokatti


The warranty period is stated in the product description. The warranty does not cover defects and damage caused by incorrect or careless installation, handling or use of the product. Also, the warranty does not cover defects and damage caused by abnormal mechanical stress, heat, or attempts to reprogram the chip. We are not responsible for indirect costs, we only replace the warranty product.


If the product is lost or damaged during transport or does not otherwise correspond to your order, you must report the defect in writing within 14 days at the latest to the e-mail address mentioned in the Right of Cancellation and Return Policy section. If the letter is damaged in the Post, a complaint must be made to the Post immediately about the product.


Finnish law shall apply to disputes and disagreements arising from this distance selling agreement. Any disputes will be resolved in the Kainuu District Court.