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The guest can search for hobby horses with the  horse search function and view Hobby Horse passports. Passports are opened by clicking on the registration number.


In addition to the above, the registered user will have access to the My Horses page in the Member Additional services menu. There you can also see your own user details and the hobby horses that you own.

From the user data you can see the important User ID. Based on that, the ownership of the hobby horse can be transferred to another registered user.

The transfer of ownership is done by clicking Change the horse’s information => CHANGE OWNER => Enter a new OWNER ID

You can also pre-enter the details of the new owner. Finally, press => Save

After transferring and saving, the hobby horse will appear on the new owner’s My Horses page. After this, only the new owner can edit the horse’s information.

Please note that you can no longer cancel the transfer after saving!


In addition to the above, a member who has paid the annual fee can order identification chips and register hobby horses. Registration takes place on the Hobby Horse registration page of the Member Additional services menu.

Note! The information of the hobby horses will remain in the register and can be seen in the Hobby Horse passport, even if you no longer renew your membership.


You can acquire a membership by paying an annual fee, which is on sale in our online store. Membership and associated features take effect immediately and are valid for one year from the date of payment.

During the membership period, you can register as many hobby horses as you want by obtaining a unique identification chip for each hobby horse to be registered.


The identification chip is mandatory, because it is an important part of the electronic Hobby Horse passport as well as essential for the identification of hobby horses. The identification chip identifies the hobby horse, prevents copying and other misuse, and acts as a direct link to the Hobby Horse’s passport. In the identification chip the link to the passport is always with the hobby horse.

You can order identification chips from our online store while your membership is valid. You will usually receive the registration numbers corresponding to the identification chips in your email after 6 pm on the same day after 6 pm Finnish time. This will allow you to register your horses as soon as possible.

Chips will usually be mailed to you within two business days of ordering. Once the chips arrive, you can attach them to the hobby horse, inside or possibly outside it. Update the chip location to your hobby horse passport.

All the identification chips are programmed with unique IDs which are linked exactly to the correct Hobby Horse passport.


Be careful when providing the registration number. If you enter an incorrect registration number when registering a hobby horse, its passport will not open from the identification chip.

The Hobby Horse passport can be viewed on the website immediately after entering the information via the Hobby horse search function or My Hobby horses page by clicking on the registration number.


By moving the phone over the chip, you can open the hobby horse passport to the phone screen. Remember that reading  the passport from the chip requires NFC capability from the phone  and an internet connection.

A smartphone with an NFC capability is an integral part of using the service, so please make sure your phone has this feature before ordering. Almost all phones released in the last few years have been equipped with the NFC capability. However, make sure that your phone supports the NFC feature. For a list of NFC-enabled mobile devices: You can also check your phone’s settings to see if there is an NFC button.


Attach the identification chip to the hobby horse by sewing it inside under the fabric or outside it, for example at to the root of the stick. You can also attach the chip to the to the equipment. You can use your imagination in the mounting method, as long as the reading distance does not become too long. The best way to read a chip is when the phone is almost closed on the chip. So do not immerse the chip inside the wadding.


Anyone can freely open the Hobby Horse passport from the identification chip. Anyone can also view it freely on the service’s website.

Therefore, by default, only the first name and the stable are displayed in the owner’s data in the Hobby Horse passport. If desired, the user can separately select that the owner’s last name is displayed in the passport when registering the hobby horse.

The maker’s information which are displayed in the passport, are always only the first name and the stable.

Location information is displayed as country.

A metadata for the images that uploaded to the service is automatically deleted.

The location of the chips cannot be traced and in them is no dedicated power supply. The chips take the necessary power from the reading device, i.e. mobile phone, in the reading operation.

Providing the incorrect or other privacy-infringing information may result in account suspension.

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