The hobby horse’s identification chip, the coin-like


The ID chip can be read by the phone through the fabric. Always test the readability of the chip before final mounting.

Remember to indicate the location of the chip when registering the hobby horse.

Registering hobby horses in our service requires a valid membership (”Annual Fee”) and the identification chip which must be obtained for each registered hobby horse.

Delivery costs are added to the price.

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The hobby horse’s identification chip.

The coin-like identification chip is waterproof and dust proof.

It can be attached to a hobby horse, for example, with a small cloth bag.

Its diameter is about 25 millimeter and thickness about 1 millimeter.

The ideal reading distance of the chips is 0.2 to 2 centimeter.

Operating temperature -20 – +55 degrees.

Working guarantee on an intact chip is 10 years.

A broken or decommissioned chip can be safely recycled as WEEE (The waste electrical and electronic equipment).


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